Everytime i die.....


Avoid Drugs

Posted by Roshan on November 21, 2009 at 12:16 PM

When i was alone,you were my rotten seeds and sharp needle he killing me softly

I've been the addicted of you.

you Never said that I spoilt you.

spoilt brat gave company to me they also became your hunt,

we are in the stage that we can't leaven fulfill our desire if we will

fulfill our desire than we cant survive.

I'm not insanse but i knew you are the slow poision

you made me worthless where we cant think anything except you

to fullfill quick circulation of my blood cells.

Heart beat faster,loss of immunity,Asthma are what we suffer

now syrinze we no-more pefer.

Now i hate my life drugs is my choice i'm blind hope you don't mind.

Black cloud around myeyes,made me feeling as i'm end.

I was the man who can do every thing but i became the worst who have

no any other options except realize.

Lastly i wanna say my companies avoid it,enjoy the real joy of life

coz it let you die.

So everybody let'sRock,

Avoid Drugs.





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