Everytime i die.....



Posted by Roshan on October 9, 2009 at 1:56 AM

Evil surrounds you

You can't see your stalkers

But know, nonetheless, they are there.

You flee,

They pursue you through mazes of mirrors that don't seem to lead anywhere.

Through field and forest, now snow, and now fire, you run-

But they're still close behind

Like shadows relentless, they draw ever nearer

And soon, you will run out of time.

Back into the maze!

Down a hall of reflections you see the end,

Open the door,

And realize now that

There is no way out.

You're back where you started before.

Too tired to run, you can't go any farther;

You know that you're going to die.

But as soon as you think it you see that you're dreaming

And, startled, you open your eyes.

At first, you see nothing but infinite blackness

You swallow, too frightened to scream.

Then shapes begin forming,

Familiar surroundings reminding you:

Only a dream.

Your heartbeat is slowing,

You sigh and relax,

The battle is over-

You've won.

"But you never awakened," an eerie voice whispers, "the nightmare has only begun.

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